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Friday, August 15, 2008

Bad News...

I've got bad news from my friend Aida yesterday..
She just miscarriage her baby and was admitted
to Pantai Pandan Indah 1 week MC..
i felt sorry for her...It's all has been fated..
Allah want to test us..whether our 'Iman' strong
enough to face His test or not..I hope that Aida
will recover soon...

I'm also felt sorry for my schoolmate...Zuera
and Aidid that they lost their loved ones..
Zuera had just lost her grandfather and Aidid
had just lost his father...but what Aidid faced
was a very hard one..he's gonna have his big
day (wedding) this Sunday..hope that everything
will be fine...hope that he'll be tough enough
to face all those thing...

Al-Fatihah kepada roh-roh mereka yang telah kembali
ke Rahmatullah..Semoga roh mereka dicucuri rahmat..
dan ditempatkan di kalangan orang2 yang beriman
dan beramal soleh...dan mendapat tempat yang baik
di sisi-Nya...Amin...

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